Hospitality Ministry

Contact Person: Minister Leo Hicks

This ministry includes the greeters and the ushers. Their primary responsibilites are to make the members and visitors feel welcomed, loved, and to give them directions regarding the services. Minister. Leo Hicks is the contact person for this ministry.

Armor Bearers Ministry

Contact Persons – Sis. Demetria Howell & Min. Jeremy Little

This ministry is responsible for serving the Bishop and Pastor by providing protection, attending to their needs, to assist as needed, and travel to all speaking engagements.

Prayer Ministry

Contact Person – Minster Mavis Bussey

This ministry’s primary responsibility is to pray for Bishop, Pastor, the congregation, the members, and to stand in the gap for all others who are in need of Spiritual Warfare.

Women's Ministry:

Contact Person – Pastor Sonya Smith

This ministry ministers to the women who needs counsel, guidance and a word. It also ministers to hurting and broken women looking for a healing. This ministry empowers women and gives them tools necessary to make a difference in their lives.


Praise/Worship Ministry:

Contact Person– Bro. Jesse Dixon

This ministry ushers in the presence of God through songs and worship. Its sets the atmosphere for the congregation and for the man of God to allow the anointing to flow. Our praise team is charged with this responsibility.

Administration Ministry:


Administrative Team – (Sister Marilyn Dirance, Minister Goldie Hicks and Minister Denise Vanzant)

This ministry gets the majority of the members to see the vision, grasp the vision, communicate the vision, and impart of the vision to others.  To successfully create, plan and administer the various events scheduled at C3.  Facilitate effective functioning of C3 church and its ministries.

Care and Cleaning Ministry:

Contact Person – Sister Alma Wise

This ministry is powered by volunteers who love the Lord and who love taking care of our church facilities. Most of the cleaning occurs on Fridays and Saturdays by a number of dedicated men and women who give of their time to make our facilities look great and prepared for the Sunday morning worship services.

Pastoral Care Ministry:  
Contact Person – OPEN

This ministry is responsible for providing comfort to those in need of help with stressful health situations and problems.  They will also administer emotional and spiritual support during family crisis.  This ministry sees to the needs of the sick and shut-in of our membership.  Duties include visitations, phone calls and correspondence.  They keep Bishop and Leaders informed of the status of the sick and their need.


Single’s Ministry:  
Contact Person – OPEN

This ministry is to encourage, enlighten and empower Singles to grow and develop to a state of wholeness, completion and well-being in God while fully living an engaging, exciting, effective, and meaningful Spirit-filled life.


Youth Ministry:  
Contact Person – Minister Robert Vanzant

This ministry’s goal is to encourage the knowledge of Christ in our youth with hopes of developing positive self-images, high self-esteem, and the confidence that they CAN accomplish all things through Jesus Christ.



Men's Ministry

Contact Person - Minister Desmond Littlejohn

This ministry seeks to help the men of God to know who God is and what the responsibilities of men are as it relates to God and the family.  Life skills are learned in this ministry to help men to apply them in their everyday lives.  Solutions, not problems are the main focus.

Nursery Ministry

Contact Person - Minister Regina Littlejohn

The primary function of this ministry is to provide safety for the infants and toddlers while stimulating their minds for worship and learning on their levels. All staff in this ministry is CPR certified.

Children's Church Ministry

Contact Person – Minister Regina Littlejoin

This ministry was formed to meet the needs of our youth.  An atmosphere is set to allow them to praise and worship God on their level and not feel condemned.  They have their own worship service to get the same benefits as the adults on their level.   This has made a noticeable difference in our youth and for this reason we made the decision to make the youth a priority.

Sunday School Ministry

Contact Person – Minister Regina Littlejohn

The age for this ministry is 3-17. The children are exposed to a learning environment appropriate for their ages.


Media Ministry

Contact Person – Bro. Daniel Hicks & Sis. Tabitha Rozier

This ministry is responsible for providing Media (Snippets, CDs/DVDs, Flyers, Photography, etc for our  ministry.

Website/Social Media Ministry:

Contact Person – Brother Daniel Hicks

These ministries are responsible for our social networking and it allows exposure for our ministry and it allows access to our ministry to show our vision of where we are going and the people we are trying to reach. 

Medical Clinic  Ministry:

Contact Person – Minister Goldie Hicks

This ministry provides free quality health care for those individuals who are uninsured and are not financially able to afford health care.  We give world class customer service in an environment where there is love and respect.  We minister to the mind, body, and soul to provide healing in every aspect of our patients lives to make them feel whole.  This ministry is run by volunteers.

Evangelism Ministry: 

Contact Person – Minister Lucy Rozier

This ministry emphasizes that the good news of Jesus Christ is meant for the entire world.  The desire is not only to be available vessels for the saved but the unsaved, dying generation that is looking for hope in their situation.  They are committed to saving souls through the Word and love of God.

Parking Lot Ministry:  

Contact Person – Minister Leo Hicks

This ministry is to provide assistance and management of the church parking lot and surrounding areas.  They provide church members and visitors with a secure place to park their vehicles while attending morning worship and other activities and events while at the church, to include funerals, weddings, revivals, etc.

Prison Ministry:  

Contact Person – Brother Sammie Dessau

Our purpose is to serve those who are impacted by the result of a friend, family member, or relative being incarcerated. To save the lost and minister to those who are saved using the word of God to transform the lives of those who are in prison.  The ministry is committed to sharing the love of Christ by being there for them during their time of need. 

Security Team Ministry:  

Contact Person – Brother Chuck Downing

This ministry exists to provide a safe worship environment for all in the sanctuary to include monitoring of the church parking lot during services and other events as church need dictates.

Transportation Ministry:  

Contact Person – Pastor Jerome Vanzant

This ministry serves as a means of transportation to worship service and other approved activities for C3 members and others wishing to attend worship services at C3.  The Ministry transports to local, out of town and out of state trips as needed.   Those needing transportation to Sunday worship service or Wednesday night service should call no later than the Saturday or Tuesday respectively

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